Big Data and Data Science

There are a number of forthcoming calls related to Big Data and Data Science; some of them are listed below.

Global Systems Science (GSS )

One of the aims of this research line is to reconcile various data sources to render coherent narratives. This is one of the main challenges regarding Big Data and Official Statistics, and might provide the best opportunity in 2014 for the official statistics research community to contribute to relevant Big Data research within the framework of Horizon 2020.

For details, please refer to the call FETPROACT-1-2014 (FET-Proactive - emerging themes and communities).

Training and educating Data Scientists

Areas addressed by the call refer to the development of appropriate curricula, training and skills for Data Scientists.

For details, please refer to the call  INFRASUPP-4-2015  (Support to innovation, human resources, policy and international cooperation).

Big Data and social data mining

Under the area "Distributed, multidisciplinary European infrastructure on Big Data and social data mining", activities should integrate large social data repositories, social data mining methods and tools, and supercomputing facilities for conducting large-scale analytical processing.

For details, please refer to the call  INFRAIA-1-2014-2015 (Integrating and opening research infrastructures of European interest).

Earth Observation - GIS

There are several calls that address issues of relevance to GIS such as the usage of data from space-borne European and non-European instruments.

For details, please refer to the calls EO-1-2014, EO-2-2014, EO-3-2014 (Earth Observation-2014) , EO-2-2015  (Earth Observation-2015).