Available services

The following services are alreayd centrally hosted and exposed for external usage. Information about each service is given in the table below.

Service description Interface version(s) Access protected


The Structural Validation service (called STRUVAL) performs structural validation of statistical data files following the SDMX Information Model for a given data flow.

Internally STRUVAL used the SDMXConverter validation endpoint.

The SDMXConverter used by endpoint version is indicated  below the version.

Further information about the Struval service can be found here
and about structual validation in general  here.


The Content Validation service (called CONVAL)performs the validation of the content of statistical datasets based on validation rules and constraints formulated by the respective domain managers.

Further information can be found here

v1 yes

If you are interested in using one or more of the services please do not hesitate to contact the ESTAT ESS SERV team per mail to ESTAT-ESS-SERV@ec.europa.eu.