All Net-SILC2 publications

The working paper Measuring material deprivation in the EU: Indicators for the whole population and child-specific indicators - 2012 edition (Anne-Catherine GUIO, David GORDON and Eric Marlier), which was published in 2012 under:

is the common output of the following 3 WPs:
WP DEPRIV-REVISION.l: Revision of material deprivation items
WP DEPRIV-REVISION.2: Revision of EU material deprivation indicators
WP DEPRIV-ANALYSIS.l: Material deprivation of children"
In addition, many working papers have been published in 2013 as the output of the Net-SILC2 work packages:
  • Statistical matching of EU-SILC and the Household Budget Survey to compare poverty estimates using income, expenditures and material deprivation - 2013 edition (Dominic WEBBER and Richard TONKIN):


  • The distributional impact of public services in European countries - 2013 edition (Rolf AABERGE, Audun LANGØRGEN and Petter LINDGREN):


  • The fade–away effect of initial nonresponse in panel surveys: Empirical results for EU–SILC - 2013 edition (Ulrich RENDTEL): ·        


  • Income pooling and equal sharing within the household — What can we learn from the 2010 EU-SILC module? - 2013 edition (Sophie PONTHIEUX): ·        


  • The distributional impact of imputed rent - in EU-SILC 2007-2010 - 2013 edition (Veli-Matti TÖRMÄLEHTO and Hannele SAULI): ·        


  • Individual employment, household employment and risk of poverty in the EU - A decomposition analysis - 2013 edition (Vincent CORLUY, Frank VANDENBROUCKE): ·        


  • Using EUROMOD to nowcast poverty risk in the European Union - 2013 edition (Jekaterina NAVICKE, Olga RASTRIGINA and Holly SUTHERLAND): 


  • Behind and beyond the (headcount) employment rate- 2013 edition (Andrea BRANDOLINI and Eliana VIVIANO): ·        


  • Standard error estimation for the EU-SILC indicators of poverty and social exclusion- 2013 edition (Guillaume OSIER, Yves BERGER and Tim GOEDEMÉ): 


  • Implications of the EU-SILC 'following rules' (and their implementation) for longitudinal analysis - 2013 edition (Maria IACOVOVOU; Peter LYNN): 


  • The use of registers in the context of EU-SILC: challenges and opportunities (edited by Markus JÄNTTI, Veli-Matti TÖRMÄLEHTO and Eric MARLIER) – 2013 edition: 


  • Household composition, poverty and hardship across Europe - 2013 edition (Maria IACOVOVOU): 


  • European Comparability and National Best Practices of EU-SILC: A Review of Data Collection and Coherence of the Longitudinal Component (Thomas GLASER, Elisabeth KAFKA, Nadja LAMEI, Lars LYBERG and Matthias TILL):