WPG Financial transactions data

WPG Financial transactions data

Workpackage G (WPG) of ESSnet Big Data focuses on the potential of data on financial transactions for contributing to official statistics. Its main objective is to obtain an overview of the sources and the data infrastructure (metadata) in the various countries, to describe availability and the opportunities and limits for accessing them, and finally to assess their statistical potential, either for estimating and if possible improving existing statistics or for creating completely new statistical products. A key success factor for conducting the intended empirical studies and analysis will be the success in actually obtaining financial transaction datasets from data owners.

WPG is carried out by representatives of six ESSnet Big Data partners: SSB (Statistics Norway) which is leading WP5, and INS (Statistics Bulgaria), Destatis (Statistics Germany), INE (Statistics Portugal) and SURS (Statistics Slovenia).

More background information on WPG can be found here.

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