WPF Process and architecture

WPF Process and architecture

Workpackage F (WPF) of ESSnet Big Data focuses on defining the processes and reference architecture necessary to produce official statistics based on big data, both at national and ESS levels. The defined architectures will range from the logical layer to the technological one. The logical architectures will enable the sharing of common data representations as well as services and processes’ design. The technological architectures, which are strictly connected to the logical architectures, provide concrete solutions for NSIs implementing big-data-based statistical production.

WPF is carried out by representatives of eight ESSnet Big Data partners: ISTAT (Statistics Italy) which is leading WPF, and NSI (Statistics Bulgaria), Destatis (Statistics Germany), DST (Statistics Denmark), Statistics Estonia, INSEE (Statistics France), CBS (Statistics Netherlands) and INE (Statistics Portugal).

More background information on WPF can be found here.

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