WPC Enterprise characteristics

WPC Enterprise characteristics

Workpackage C (WPC) of ESSnet Big Data focuses on enterprise characteristics. Its aim is to use webscraping, text mining and inference techniques for collecting and processing enterprise information, in order to improve or update information held by the national business registers, such as presence on the internet, kind of activity, address information, ownership structure, ... The implementation involves massive scraping of company websites, collecting, processing, analysing unstructured data and dissemination of national-level experimental statistics. The enterprise data collected by WPC will be combined with existing data from multiple other sources, such as administrative data and structural business and ICT usage surveys.

WPC is carried out by representatives of nine ESSnet Big Data partners: NSI (Statistics Bulgaria) which is leading WPC, Statistics Austria, Destatis (Statistics Germany), Statistics Finland, CSO (Statistics Ireland), ISTAT (Statistics Italy), CBS (Statistics Netherlands), GUS (Statistics Poland) and ONS (Statistics UK).

More background information on WPC can be found here.

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