Project calendar

This page provides an overview of the various planning calendars of ESSnet Big Data II, concerning meetings, reviews, milestones and deliverables, ...

Meeting calendar

An overview of upcoming and past meetings at the level of the project, the tracks (Pilots and Implementation) and the workpackages (WPA to WPL) in chronological order with the most recent one on top, can be found here.

For an alphabetical overview of all meetings, see here.

An overview of all WebEx meetings until the end of 2019 (status 19 March 2019) can be viewed here.

Review planning

The latest version (19 February 2020) of the review planning can be found here (PDF.jpg PDF, 297 kB).

Milestones and deliverables

Overview of the calendar for milestones and deliverables, per workpackage (Month 1 = November 2018):

Implementation Track

Pilots Track

Preparing smart statistics