2021 Master thesis competition

European Master in Official Statistics thesis competition
Call for entries by 15 October 2020

  1. Purpose

The purpose of the competition is to reward outstanding Master theses amongst the network of some 30 EMOS labelled programmes in nearly 20 countries. It seeks to highlight official statistics as a research topic and put forward young talents with innovative contributions.

  1. Reward
    1. Presentation of thesis in NTTS with travel and accommodation covered[1]

Up to five winners of the competition will have the possibility to present their Master thesis in the New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics (NTTS)[2], an international biennial scientific conference series, organised by Eurostat, on 9-11 March 2021 (with satellite events taking place before and after the conference) in Brussels. Travel expenses and accommodation of the winners from their place of study to the conference venue will be paid according to the standard rules of the European Commission.

    1. Certificates and promotion

Authors of Master thesis and their supervisors will receive an “Honours Diploma”. The master theses will be published on the NTTS and EMOS homepages.

  1. Eligibility

Candidates must have

    1. graduated from a Master programme labelled as "European Master in Official Statistics";
    2. completed a Master thesis before closing date of the current call for entry.
    3. been pre-selected by their academic supervisor to participate in the competition.
  1. Submission process

EMOS programme responsible sends max. three abstracts by 15 October 2020 to the EMOS Secretariat estat-emos@ec.europa.eu A template for the abstract is provided in Annex 1. The abstract should:

  • clearly convey the objectives, research methods, main results and conclusions as well as distinguish new and creative insights;
  • be written in English;
  • be no longer than max. 5 pages in font 12 points;
  • contain max. 3 tables or figures (not included in the max. of 5 pages);
  • provide max. 3 keywords specifying the domain of the thesis;
  • provide main references (not included in the max. of 5 pages).


The submission file must also contain:

  • table of contents of the thesis in English
  • full thesis in original language
  • short qualitative assessment by the programme responsible for the selection
  1. Evaluation

The selection committee consists of the EMOS Board, which has 14 members from universities and national statistical institutes across Europe, European System of Central Banks (ESCB), European Statistical Advisory Committee (ESAC) and Eurostat. The candidate theses will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

    1. Clearly developed objectives and methodology: the used research methods must be explained in a coherent way, with clarity and readability;
    2. Results fitting to the proposed objectives: a clear connection must be drawn between the research goals and the outcomes;
    3. Conclusions for application in official statistics or further research: possibilities for deploying the research results must be explained or, alternatively, suggestions for further research must be made.
    4. Contribution: does the thesis offer a new and original insight.
  1. Selection

Winners will be selected in December 2020. The winners will

  • receive an invitation from Eurostat to attend the NTTS conference.
  • be invited to prepare a short "teaser video" to introduce their thesis to be uploaded on NTTS conference pages
  • be invited to prepare a presentation e.g. with a poster or Powerpoint / other presentation software
  1. Key dates


Competition notice is sent to the EMOS labelled universities and announced on the EMOS homepage


EMOS programme responsible identifies max. three best Master thesis candidates which best reflect the official statistics as a research topic

15 October

Call for abstracts closes. EMOS programme responsible sent abstracts to the EMOS Secretariat

December 2020

Selection by the EMOS Board of up to 5 winners

March 2021

Presentation to the public in the NTTS conference

More information about EMOS: https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cros/content/emos_en

Contact: Board estat-emos@ec.europa.eu


[1] If circumstances do not permit on-site attendance to the conference in Brussels, the speakers will have the possibility to either present remotely or prepare a pre-recorded video, which will highlight their presentation. Either option will be followed by Q&As from participants (virtual and physical) in real time. In this latter case the prize would consist of participation with travel and accommodation covered to an European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP) course of candidate’s choice from the 2021-2022 training catalogue


[2] Please see winners of the 2019 competition at https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cros/content/emos-4-students_en