2021 EMOS Call for applications

Luxembourg, 14 April 2021

European Master in Official Statistics

Permanently open call with annual cut-off dates for universities applying for the EMOS label

The European Master in Official Statistics (EMOS) is a 4-year-label awarded by the European Statistical System Committee (ESSC) to Master programmes providing post-graduate education in the area of official statistics at the European level. Eurostat manages the EMOS network as a joint undertaking of universities and statistical producers.

This permanently open call for applications seeks to give an opportunity for interested universities to join the EMOS network with its counterparts in the European Statistical System (ESS). The call remains permanently open with cut-off date of 31 December of each calendar year.

EMOS builds on existing nationally accredited Master programmes in order to meet learning outcomes, which familiarise the graduates with the system of official statistics, production models, statistical methods and dissemination. Universities offering EMOS Master degrees are expected to collaborate actively with the national statistical institutes or other producers of official statistics to reduce the gap between theory and practice. All universities based in an EU Member State, EU candidate country or EFTA country are welcome to respond to this EMOS Call for applications. The applicant Master programmes must be in line with the Bologna process and the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) or equivalent[1]. Further details on EMOS and the process can be accessed by the links below.

Universities are invited to submit their applications complete with accompanying documents as described in the EMOS Guide for applicants by 31 December of the current year. Applications are required as follows:

  1. Filled and signed application forms (Word and Excel files)
  2. Electronic copy of the complete application with annexes is to be sent to ESTAT-EMOS@ec.europa.eu by 31 December of the current year at the latest by 23:59 (Central European Time - CET ) with the subject ‘Reply to EMOS Call for applications + name of the university’

Applications must be completed in English. Supporting documents may be submitted in official languages of the applicant’s country with mandatory translation[2] into English. Personal data will be collected, processed and published in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No (EU) 2018/1725.

The applications for the EMOS label will be assessed by the EMOS Board in the first quarter of the following year to propose the short listed Master programmes for award of the EMOS label by the European Statistical System Committee in April-May.

Annexes: Guide for applicants and EMOS application form and annex

[1] please provide explanation how the system is compatible with the ECTS

[2] Official translation is not mandatory, for longer documents a summary in English is acceptable. The Board reserves the right to ask for more detailed translation and complementary information