2018-03-29 SACE Coordination Meeting #4


Seasonal Adjustment Center of Excellence

29 March 2018 (ONS)

Royal Statistical Society

12 Errol Street,

London, EC1Y 8LX

 (09:00 -16:30)


Chair: Duncan Elliott (ONS), Dominique Ladiray (INSEE)

Secretariat: Dominique Ladiray (INSEE)

(1) 09.00 - Opening, welcome address, presentation and adoption of the agenda, by Duncan Elliott (ONS)

(2) 09.30 - Report on the SACE activities, by Dominique Ladiray, Valérie Mathey (INSEE)

(3) 10.00 - Report on the Benchmarking and Revisions Plug-ins by Duncan Elliott (ONS)

11.00   Coffee break, 15 mins

(4) 11.15 - Quality Assurance of Seasonal Adjustment for a Large System of Time Series, by Steve Matthews (Statistics Canada)

12.15  Lunch break, 1h45 mins

(5) 14.00 - Toward a R-package for JDemetra+ 2.2.1 by Anna Michalek, Jean Palate (NBB)

(7) 15.30   To do list, next meeting, AOB, Conclusions by Duncan Elliott (ONS), Dominique Ladiray (INSEE)