2018-03-28 London


Seasonal Adjustment User Group

28 March 2018 (ONS)

Royal Statistical Society
12 Errol Street
London, EC1Y 8LX
(09:30 -17:30)




Chairman:                     Andreas Dietrich (BBk)

Secretariat:                   Valèrie Mathey (INSEE)


(1)               09.30   Opening, welcome address, presentation and adoption of the agenda, adoption of the minutes,
                                   Presentation of new members, by Duncan Elliott (ONS), Andreas Dietrich (BBk)

(2)               09.45   Follow-up of SACE activities, period October 2017 - March 2018, by Dominique Ladiray (INSEE)

(3)               10.00   Developments: JD+ 2.2.1, JD+ 2.2.2 and JD+ 3, by Jean Palate (NBB), Thomas Witthohn (BBk)

11.00   Coffee break, 15 mins

(3)               11.15   Developments: JD+ 2.2.1, JD+ 2.2.2 and JD+ 3, by Jean Palate (NBB), Thomas Witthohn (BBk)

12.30  Lunch break, 90 mins

(4)               14.00   Organisation and division of the work; working with the SACE; How to make our meetings more
                                   efficient?, by Andreas Dietrich (BBk), Dominique Ladiray (INSEE)

(5)               14.45   Excel Adapter – A plug-in to use Excel as 'database' for controlled current adjustment,
                                   by Nina Gonschorreck (BBk), Claudia Fries (Destatis)

(6)               15.15   Documentation for JDemetra+ (user's cases, Wiki, videos),
                                   by Sylwia Grudkowska (NBP), Andreea Mirica (INSSE)

(7)               15.45   Web presence: CROS portal, Wikipedia, NSI’s web pages,
                                   by Andreas Dietrich (BBk), Dominique Ladiray (INSEE), Sylwia Grudkowska (NBP)

16.15   Coffee break, 15 mins

(8)               16.30   The link between JD+ and R: an update, by Jean Palate (NBB)

(9)               16.45   To do list, next meeting, AOB, conclusions, by Andreas Dietrich (BBk), Duncan Elliott (ONS)