2017-09-28 Rome


Seasonal Adjustment User Group

28 September 2017 (ISTAT)

Via Cesare Balbo 16
00184 Rome
Room 139
(09:30 -17:30)




Chairman:                     Andreas Dietrich (BBk)

Secretariat:                   Valèrie Mathey (INSEE)


(1)               09.30   Opening, welcome address, presentation and adoption of the agenda, adoption of the minutes,
                                   Presentation of new members, by Paola Anzini (ISTAT), Andreas Dietrich (BBk)

(2)               10.00   Report on the SACE activities, by Dominique Ladiray (INSEE)

(3)               10.30   A new way of documentation: Wiki, by Sylwia Grudkowska (NBP), Thomas Witthohn (BBk)

11.00   Coffee break, 15 mins

(4)               11.15   Results of testing JDemetra+ 2.2, by SAUG members

(5)               12.15   Release of JD+ 2.2, conclusions of the testing phase and testing JD+ 2.3, byJean Palate (NBB)

13.00  Lunch break, 90 mins

(6)               14.30   TransReg – A plug-in for transforming user-defined regressors, by Nina Gonschorreck,
                                   Karsten Webel (BBk)

(7)               15.00   ConCur – A plug-in for controlled current adjustment, by Andreas Dietrich, Thomas Witthohn (BBk)

(8)               15.30   User requirements, by Ivars Gettins (CSB)

16.00   Coffee break, 15 mins

(8)               16.15   Web presentation of the SAUG: content, amendment and maintenance, by Andreas Dietrich (BBk)

(9)               16.45   To do list, next meeting, AOB, conclusions, by Andreas Dietrich (BBk)