2017 06 20 Meeting of the Microdata Access Network Group

The Microdata Access Network Group (MANG) advises Eurostat on current and future developments of the European microdata access system. In particular the MANG discusses the modes of access to microdata, access procedures and data collections released. The Group brings together representatives of different microdata stakeholder groups and facilitates connections between them. The group members are:

  1. National statistical institutes
  2. Representatives of research community
  3. Data archives, CESSDA
  4. ESAC (European Statistical Advisory Committee)
  5. European Commission
  6. European Research Council

Chair and secretariat: Eurostat

Agenda and presentations of the first meeting (20 June 2017, Luxembourg):


Start of the meeting

Item 1

Welcome and presentation of Network Group members

Item 2

Activities of the Network Group

Item 3

Granting access to microdata for research purposes, overview of Eurostat and exchange of views

Item 4

Dataset information session

Item 5

Improvements of the Eurostat microdata access system:

Item 5.1

Access requests submission procedures

Item 5.2

Transmission of confidential data / current access modes

Item 5.3

New modes of access: remote execution, remote access

Item 5.4

Communication: our website, newsletter and supporting documents

Item 5.5

New datasets to be made available for scientific purposes

Item 6

Public Use Files (PUFs)


Final outcomes


End of the meeting