2016 ESS Modernisation Workshop

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to the ESS Modernisation Workshop organised by Eurostat for ESS colleagues working on the modernisation of the European Statistical System. The workshop will take place in Bucharest at the Conference Centre of the National Statistical Institute of Romania on the 16-17 March 2016.

The principal objective of this workshop is to foster the dialogue between the stakeholders in the ESS on modernisation, the exchange of good practices regarding transformation programmes and the management of their challenges in the ESS and to strengthen the link between the national and European modernisation projects and  the ESS Vision 2020. This event is follows in the style of Valencia 2014 Workshop on Modernisation of European Statistics.

The profile of the participants includes those participating actively in ESSnet and national modernisation projects and other staff with responsibilities in methodological activities or the design and implementation of change processes in the National Statistical Offices.

The organisation of the Workshop is supported by DEVSTAT, Servicios de Consultoría Estadística S.L (ES) in consortium with the Conference Centre of the National Statistical Institute of Romania (RO) and Open Evidence (ES).


For any further information on the logistics of the Workshop, please contact the organisers at e-mail:


The deadline for registration is 21 February 2016Below, please find links to the workshop programme and the registration form: