2015 EGR & Profiling WS, Paris, 8 June 2015

2015 EGR & Profiling Workshop, Paris, 8 June 2015

The main goal of the meeting was to offer to all participants the opportunity to get a better understanding on the ESSnet work on "process development and data quality program", the topics covered in ESSnet Work Package 3 (WP3).

The workshop gathered more than 60 experts (business register staff and profilers) from 27 countries.

Presentations were made by ESSnet WP3 partners and dealt with three main topics:

  1. the EuroGroups Register, with a particular focus on its end use for FATS statistics;
  2. the profiling activity under European initiative, with a particular focus on how it can help NSIs in implementing relevant enterprise units serving SBS statistics;
  3. business register data quality management, with particular focus on the role of profiling.


Relevant documents for download:

  • Agenda
  • Reader containing presentations held at the workshop (size: approx. 1.7 MB)