2014 09 24-25 Workshop on microdata access

Luxembourg, Eurostat building BECH, room Quetelet

Day 1 – 24 September 2014

10:00   Welcome and Introduction

10:15   Content and objectives of the workshop

            Chair: Roberto Barcellan (Eurostat)

10:30   Topic 1 Microdata access procedures

Chair: Roberto Barcellan (Eurostat)

Lessons learned from the first year of implementation of the Regulation (EU) No 557/2013 on access to confidential data for scientific purposes

Aleksandra Bujnowska (Eurostat)

Experiences with new European microdata access procedures

NSAs' perspective

  Researchers' perspective

  Anna-Leena Asikainen (Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor)

  Researchers' perspective

  Roxane Silberman (Reseau Quetelet)


13:00   Lunch Break

14:00   Topic 2 Developments in access to microdata

Chair: Claus-Goran Hjelm (Statistics Sweden)

New system for consultation of national statistical authorities on the research proposals


Improvement of the modes of microdata transmission, experiences of the Member States

Arnaud Szulek (CASD)

  Metadata for Eurostat Microdata

  Jeanette Bohr, Florian Thirolf and Christof Wolf (GESIS)

  Metadata for Big Data

  Claus-Goran Hjelm (Statistics Sweden)

  Privacy, Big Data and the Public Good: Access to Big Data

  David Schiller (IAB)

  Remote access to Big Data

  Alexandre Marty (CASD)

  Remote access system in the Netherlands

  Leo Engberts (CBS)


17:30   End of Day 1

18:30   Dinner



Day 2 - 25 September 2014

9:00  Topic 3 Remote access to microdata – experiences and recommendations of the ESSnet DARA project

Chair: Manfred Ehling (DESTATIS)

Results and Recommendations of the ESSnet Decentralised and Remote Access to Confidential Data in the ESS (DARA)

Maurice Brandt (DESTATIS)

Demonstration of the European remote access pilot for EU microdata

Kamel Gadouche (GENES)

Experiences in establishing a remote access system based on DARA

Zoltan Vereczkei (HCSO)

Accreditation of access facilities

Steve Bond (ONS)


11:15   Coffee Break

11:30 Topic 4 Outcomes of the recent European and international projects – tasks for future work

Chair: Roberto Barcellan (Eurostat)

The Reports and Recommendations of the OECD Expert Group on international collaboration in Microdata

Paul Jackson (CESSDA)

Data without Boundaries (DWB)

Roxane Silberman (Réseau Quetelet)

The new CESSDA - a brief introduction

Paul Jackson (CESSDA)


13:00   Lunch


14:00   ESS Vision for a Microdata Access Infrastructure

Roberto Barcellan (Eurostat)

14:30   Round Table: Strategy and roadmap for a better European microdata access

15:30   Conclusions

15:45   End of the Workshop


For further information on the topic of remote access please have look at the following links:

Project website: http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cros/content/decentralised-and-remote-access-confidential-data-ess-dara

Final report: http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cros/sites/default/file//final_report_ESSnet_DARA_20140321_publishable.pdf