2012 01 19-20 1st Progress meeting, Stockholm

Pre-testing - joint meeting WP1 and WP2 


Date and venue

19-20  January  2012, Stockholm


1.Welcome  and general information (WP1 and WP2) 

2. Separate meetings WP1/WP2:

- Results from Problematic Questions template

- First experiences from interviews in Finland (WP2)

- Discussion and agreement about questions to focus on and  questions          to be dropped

- Discussion meta questions

- Time planning and reporting

- Communications within the WP

- Next meeting

3. WP1 and WP2 

Reconciliation, communication between WP:s

Welcome  and general information (WP1 and WP2) 

Carl-Magnus Jaensson, assistant Head of Unit Investment, R&D and IT , opened the meeting and welcomed the group. 

SE presented the objectives of the meeting and gave a short repetition of the aims and the focus of the pre-testing according to the grants agreement,  as well as important issues from the meeting in Copenhagen.

The overall objective was  that after the meeting  be ready to undertake  the interviews with a common approach.

2. Separate meeting WP1

17 countries had filled in the “Problematic-questions template”. SE  handed out a summary of the results of 2011 where the most problematic questions where highlighted. Summaries  of comments  on each year was also handed out.  (documents to be found in Annex 1- 6).

The group went through the model questionnaire, prepared by NL, including all  questions to be tested. Each question and the need for meta questions were discussed. The results and comments from the “Problematic-questions template” was used as input. The meta questions agreed is to be found in Annex 7 “Test questionnaire v. 2.0 with meta questions”.

The reporting of results and way of summarising were discussed. DK will prepare a template in excel for reporting and send it out. After finishing the interviews each country send results to  the lead country (SE). SE will compile the results and the outcome will be discussed during the next meeting.

Next meeting: during w. 19 (7-11 may) in Haag. NL will come back with exact dates.

2. Separate meeting WP2

Draft minutes will be sent out separately by SI.

3. Reconciliation, communication between WP:s

Communication between WP1 and WP2 not necessary even though attention will be kept on issues that could be beneficial for both parties.


List of participants



Hanne-Pernille Stax


Agnes Tassy


Aarno Airaksinen


Perttu Melkas


Bas de Groot


Rachel Vis - Visschers


Ger Linden


Gregor Zupan


Eva Belak


Konstantinos Giannakouris


Heidi Seybert


Jennica Wallenborg


Ingrid Persson


Eva Lindroth


Fredrik Scheffer