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Tuesday, 9 June, 2020 to Friday, 12 June, 2020

We regret to inform you that due to health concerns related to the Covid-19 and the response of strict movement limitations in Europe to contain its spread, the Hungarian Central Statistical Office and Eurostat have decided that the 10th European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics will not take place this year.

The organisers are reviewing the possibilities of organising the event at a later date.


Q2020, the 2020 European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics is co-organised by the HCSO (Hungary) and Eurostat.

The conference series

Q2020 is the 10th European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics; the previous conferences in the series were:

Q2001 (Stockholm)

Q2004 (Mainz)

Q2006 (Cardiff)

Q2008 (Rome)

Q2010 (Helsinki)

Q2012 (Athens)

Q2014 (Vienna)

Q2016 (Madrid)

Q2018 (Krakow)

Date and venue

Q2020 will be held in Budapest, Hungary, 9-12 June 2020.

9 June will be devoted to short courses, while the main conference takes place 10-12 June.

More information

For additional information, please refer to the conference website:


As it is curently under construction, you are also most welcome to contact ESTAT-QUALITY@ec.europa.eu for any information not currently available on the website.