he New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics (NTTS) is an international biennial scientific conference series, organised by Eurostat, on new techniques and methods for official statistics and the impact of new technologies on statistical collection, production and dissemination systems. 

The NTTS 2023 conference is foreseen to take place in Brussels in March 2023.

The purpose of the conference is both to allow the presentation of results from currently ongoing research and innovation projects in official statistics, and to stimulate and facilitate the preparation of new innovative projects (by encouraging the exchange of views and co-operation between researchers - including the possible building of research consortia) with the aim of enhancing the quality and usefulness of official statistics. The conference brings together academics, statisticians and users of data to discuss, network and exchange ideas.

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Practical information

More information on the NTTS 2023 programme, exact conference dates and the call for papers will be posted on this site during 2022.

In the meantime, you are welcome to contact the NTTS 2023 secretariat for more information about the event.