NTTS 2017 full programme and agenda builder including all papers and presentations

Online browsing

The complete NTTS 2017 conference programme, including all presentations and an agenda builder is now available online at:


Download for offline browsing

If you would like to have a standalone version (to use for offline browsing on your laptop), please download it (one 500 MB .zip file) from:
In the .zip file:
  • all abstracts are located in the subdirectory
  • all presentations slides are located in the subdirectory
  • alll posters are locaed in the subdirectory

Functionalities (online as well as offline)

  • To browse the agenda, go to the "browse" page (the eye in the menu bar).
  • To find a presentation (by title, author etc.), go to the "search" page (the magnifying glass icon in the grey menu bar at the top).
  • To view or export your personal agenda (.ics) format, go to the "calendar" page (the calendar icon in the menu bar).
  • All abstracts, presentations and posters uploaded until 31 March are available via the search results, the browsing menu or your calendar entries.
  • (To build your personal agenda, once you've done a search), each presentation listed in the search results can be saved by ticking the box beside it.)