Overview - Calls for tenders


This domain is dedicated to Eurostat's public contracts. It aims at providing the necessary information for submitting a bid within the framework of calls for tender. Our calls for tender are directly linked to the implementation of Eurostat's annual statistical programmes and to other statistical activities carried out in collaboration with other Commission Departments.

As registered user, you can receive tailor-made e-mail alerts (Collection: call for tenders and grants + theme: General and Regional statistics) informing you of new calls for tenders as soon as they are online.

European legislation requires that tenders for public contracts where the amounts exceed a certain threshold, which varies according to the type of contract, be published in the Official Journal S series, which can be consulted free of charge in the TED database.

The contract notice which is published is to inform all potentially interested operators that a procurement procedure has been launched, providing them with the essential features and all the information they require in order to participate. It can be regarded as the most important form of publicity for public procurement. If a contract notice already published has to be amended prior to the closing date for submission of tenders or for receipt of a request to participate, a new notice is published in the same form as the original. If necessary, the time allowed for submitting tenders or applications may then be extended.

If you whish so, further information on the EU policy on public procurement is available on the Commissions's website.