After two years of activity, the DIGICOM project has now reached its mid-term. The project has already delivered concrete results, based on the good cooperation between all of the national statistical institutes involved and Eurostat.

In this edition of the newsletter, we present some of the recent key deliverables: the digital publication ‘The life of women and men in Europe’, disseminated in 24 languages, the ESS Facebook page featuring visual content from 19 NSIs and Eurostat, and the Power from Statistics conference focusing on long term needs of our key users.

We have also asked the Eurostat team coordinating the DIGICOM project to tell us how they work, and to update us on the overall progress of the project.

Last but not least, plans for this year, in particular the ESSnet on Linked Open Statistics which is due to start, are presented in ‘NSI Perspective’. Led by Statistics Bulgaria, it involves INSEE, ISTAT and CSO Ireland. The ESSnet will develop pilots to assess the added-value of this technology for users. It concerns all NSIs, as the ESSnet also aims to provide all ESS members with solutions to develop their capabilities in this field.

Users are key in the DIGICOM project, and even more so in 2018! We have just released the European Statistics User Forum, which aims at increasing dialogue with key users on European statistics: feel free to promote it in your country! We have also just launched a study on branding, user perception and communication of official statistics in the EU and will report on it in a next edition!

We hope you will enjoy reading this issue of the Newsletter!

Emanuele Baldacci, Eurostat

Director of Methodology,
Corporate statistical and IT services
DIGICOM Project Owner

Hannele Orjala, Statistics Finland

Director of Communication and Information Services
Member of DIGICOM Steering Group
Chief Editor of DIGICOM Newsletter – Issue 6