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Time Dimension: 2017-A0

Data Provider: FR1

Data Flow: OOH_ESMS_A

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1. Contact
2. Metadata update
3. Statistical presentation
4. Unit of measure
5. Reference Period
6. Institutional Mandate
7. Confidentiality
8. Release policy
9. Frequency of dissemination
10. Accessibility and clarity
11. Quality management
12. Relevance
13. Accuracy
14. Timeliness and punctuality
15. Coherence and comparability
16. Cost and Burden
17. Data revision
18. Statistical processing
19. Comment
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1. Contact Top
1.1. Contact organisation


1.2. Contact organisation unit

Département des prix à la consommation, des ressources et des conditions de vie des ménages

This department belongs to Direction des statistiques économiques et sociales, one of the central directorates of INSEE (see Insee organisation chart at http://www.insee.fr/fr/insee-statistique-publique/connaitre/organigramme.pdf)

1.5. Contact mail address

18 Bd Adolphe Pinard 75675 PARIS CEDEX 14 FRANCE

2. Metadata update Top
2.1. Metadata last certified 17/07/2017
2.2. Metadata last posted 17/07/2017
2.3. Metadata last update 17/07/2017

3. Statistical presentation Top
3.1. Data description

The OOH price indices describe the price evolution of expenses incurred by owner occupiers. These expenses are measured using the net acquisition approach. Under this approach, prices are measured to reflect the change in the cost of goods and services which are new to the household sector as a whole.

3.2. Classification system

Index numbers and weights sent to Eurostat are established following the Owner-occupied Housing Commission Regulation No 93/2013.

3.3. Coverage - sector

The OOH price indices cover the expenses incurred by households which are owner occupiers in metropolitan France.

3.4. Statistical concepts and definitions

Purchase of new dwellings corresponds to the acquisition of newly built dwellings of various types (e.g. dwellings in blocks of flats, terraced houses, detached 'turn-key' ready houses built by developers, etc).

Self-built dwellings are built by households. They include the situation where the future owner uses the services of a building company.

Other services related to the purchase of a dwelling add in all transaction costs connected to the purchase of a dwelling whether existing or new, for own use.

Major repairs and maintenance are normally associated to expenditures for material and services engaged for major maintenance, repair and decoration. Major repairs can prolong the life of the dwelling but should not represent an improvement of the dwelling compared to its original state.

Insurance connected with the dwelling considers the service charges paid by owner occupiers for the kinds of insurance for his dwelling  similar to those typically taken out by landlords (e.g. an insurance providing cover for the structure of a dwelling: walls, fences, gates, etc)

Other services related to ownership of dwellings are an expenditure group including all costs of ownership not considered under the above categories.

3.5. Statistical unit

The statistical unit is the household which is owner occupier.

3.6. Statistical population

Depends on the different items covered by the OOHPI.

3.7. Reference area

French OOHPI covers France excluding overseas areas.

3.8. Coverage - Time

Data are available from 2010Q1.

3.9. Base period

The index reference period is 2010 (e.g. 2010=100).

4. Unit of measure Top

Not applicable

5. Reference Period Top

Not applicable

6. Institutional Mandate Top
6.1. Institutional Mandate - legal acts and other agreements

Legal acts and other agreements - EU level :

Commission Regulation on Owner Occupied Housing No 93/2013 provides for the quarterly transmission of OOHPI data by 85 days after the end of the quarter and of the annual weights by 15 June of year following the year to which the weights relate.

6.2. Institutional Mandate - data sharing

Not applicable.

7. Confidentiality Top
7.1. Confidentiality - policy

Data are published up to the level of detail described in the OOH Regulation.

7.2. Confidentiality - data treatment

Not applicable.

8. Release policy Top
8.1. Release calendar

The French OOHPI is published by Eurostat according to Eurostat's schedule. It is not published otherwise by INSEE .

8.2. Release calendar access

Not applicable.

8.3. Release policy - user access

Not applicable.

9. Frequency of dissemination Top

Eurostat dissemination: quarterly for the indexes and annual for the weights.

10. Accessibility and clarity Top
10.1. Dissemination format - News release

Not applicable.

10.2. Dissemination format - Publications

Not applicable.

10.3. Dissemination format - online database

Not applicable.

10.4. Dissemination format - microdata access

Not applicable.

10.5. Dissemination format - other

Not applicable.

10.6. Documentation on methodology

There is no specific documentation for France, the Eurostat's methodological manual is the basis used for compiling the index.

10.7. Quality management - documentation

Not available.

11. Quality management Top
11.1. Quality assurance

All data are checked for completeness and consistency according to the statistical concepts and definitions.

11.2. Quality management - assessment

Not available.

12. Relevance Top
12.1. Relevance - User Needs

The aggregation of the sub-indices to the OOHPI is made specifically for Eurostat.

12.2. Relevance - User Satisfaction

The OOHPI meets the specifications set out in the Regulation.

12.3. Completeness

The OOHPI meets the specifications set out in the Regulation.

13. Accuracy Top
13.1. Accuracy - overall

There are no estimates of the overall accuracy of the OOHPI.

13.2. Sampling error

No sampling for new dwellings price (exhaustive survey). Self build dwellings and major renovations are sampled using quarterly 500 building permits over 30000. Other services concerning acquisition is computed from several notaries fees. Major repairs and maintenance is computed using firms which answer to the statistical business survey. Insurance and other services concerning ownership are computed using the French CPI sample.

13.3. Non-sampling error

Non available.

14. Timeliness and punctuality Top
14.1. Timeliness

Data are sent according to OOH regulation: 85 days after the end of the reference period (indexes) and no later than June 15th of the year following the reference year (weights).

14.2. Punctuality

Data are delivered on time, following the OOH regulation.

15. Coherence and comparability Top
15.1. Comparability - geographical

Only one overall index is given for France (no regional breakdowns)

15.2. Comparability - over time

Data are comparable over time.

15.3. Coherence - cross domain

There are no other potential sources of OOHPI.

15.4. Coherence - internal

The new dwellings price index used in the OOHPI is also used in the HPI.

16. Cost and Burden Top


  • several units work on producing the different data used in the OOHPI
  • indices are made by specialists

Not available.

Not available.

17. Data revision Top
17.1. Data revision - policy

OOHPI is revised for the last quarter.

17.2. Data revision - practice

Results are more accurate after revision.

18. Statistical processing Top
18.1. Source data

Data concerning the different items are collected either by surveys, or using the CPI sample (see 13.2). The weights between the different items are calculated from the Housing National Accounts.

18.2. Frequency of data collection

Data are collected quarterly for the construction surveys and monthly for the CPI.

18.3. Data collection

See above.

18.4. Data validation

Validations of the data collection are made including checks for aberrant values.

18.5. Data compilation

Sub-indices concerning the different items of the OOHPI are produced separately using different sources; then weighted together using the Housing National Accounts.

New dwellings in building programs from 2 to 4 dwellings are not covered in new dwellings prices. They represent a small part of new dwellings sales in France.

VAT is included in the prices excepted for major repairs and maintenance, and for insurances (no VAT on insurance fees in France, but various parafiscal charges or taxes are affected to special beneficiaries - Regulation authority, guarantee funds, etc).

18.6. Adjustment

No specific other adjustments.

19. Comment Top


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