Structural Business Statistics National Methodologies

Countries available: a PDF document opens when clicking the country name

EU-member states

BE             Belgium

BG             Bulgaria           

CZ             Czech Republic

DK             Denmark         

DE             Germany          

EE              Estonia

IE               Ireland 

ES              Spain   

FR             France

IT               Italy     

LV             Latvia  

LT              Lithuania          

LU             Luxemburg      

HU             Hungary          

NL             Netherlands     

AT             Austria

PT              Portugal           

RO             Romania          

SK             Slovak Republic            

FI               Finland 

SE              Sweden           

UK             United Kingdom           

European Economic Area, Candidate– and third countries

CH             Switzerland      

NO             Norway

TR             Turkey


When methodology information becomes available from Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Cyprus or Malta, hyperlinks will be added.

Last update: 27 February 2007.