3. which type of energy do we consume?

3.1 What kind of energy do we consume in the EU?

Out of the total energy available in the EU, around two thirds are consumed by end users, for example EU citizens, industry, transport etc. The difference – around one third – is mainly used for electricity generation and in other energy transformation processes. An example of a transformation process is crude oil being refined at refineries to become petroleum products.

3.2 What is the source of the electricity we consume?

Almost half of the electricity consumed in the EU comes from power stations burning combustible (renewable and non-renewable) fuels. Around 21 % of the final energy we consume is electricity and it comes from different sources.

3.3 How much does the energy we consume cost?

For medium size household consumers, electricity prices including taxes and levies were the highest in the first semester of 2019 in Germany (EUR 0.31 per kWh), Denmark (EUR 0.30 per kWh) and Belgium (EUR 0.28 per kWh), while the lowest prices were recorded in Bulgaria (EUR 0.10 per kWh) and Hungary (EUR 0.11 per kWh).