Who does what

As one of the Directorates-General of the European Commission, Eurostat is headed by a Director General and a Deputy Director General. The seven Directorates responsible for different sectors of Eurostat activities are organised as below:

  • Resources
  • Methodology; Dissemination; Cooperation in the European Statistical System
  • Macro-economic statistics
  • Government finance statistics (GFS) and quality
  • Sectoral and regional statistics
  • Social statistics
  • Business and trade statistics

Staff and budget

We are more than 800 people. Officials and temporary agents represent 72 %, with a slightly higher share of administrators than assistants. Contract agents and seconded national experts represent 19 %, the remaining 9 % are trainees, employment agency staff and external service providers.

The operational budget allocated to Eurostat amounted to 58.475 million € in 2018 and to 57.960 million € in 2017. The budget was used for the implementation of the European Statistical Programme.

In addition to its own budget, Eurostat received sub-delegated credits from other DGs, which amounted to 31.377 million € in 2017.