FRIBS 2014

Implementation of the Framework Regulation Integrating Business Statistics (FRIBS) 2014


Framework regulation integrating business statistics (FRIBS)

Policy field(s)

Economic and Financial Affairs, Statistics

Target group(s)

Suppliers of data used for compiling business statistics (enterprises) and all types of users of business statistics, such as researchers, academic institutes, national central banks, national competition authorities, EC services, professional associations, enterprises, etc.

Period of consultation

From 15/07/2014 to 07/10/2014 (closed).

Objective of the consultation

In line with the objectives and provisions of the European Statistical Programme (ESP) 2013-2017 and of the Communication from the Commission "on the production method of EU statistics: a vision for the next decade", the so-called Vision Paper - Eurostat is currently developing a cross-cutting legal framework for the systematic collection, compilation, transmission and dissemination of statistics related to the structure, economic activity, competitiveness, global transactions and performance of the European business sector.

The main policy objectives for this new framework are:

1) to streamline and rationalize the reference framework for European business statistics, reducing unnecessary statistical burden on respondents, and

2) to define a new architecture for European business statistics instrumental to the compilation of quality and purpose-relevant European business statistics.

In this context, a project for establishing a Framework Regulation Integrating Business Statistics (FRIBS) is currently under discussion.

As a preparatory step, a study is being executed to analyse the effects that the changes are expected to have. Indeed, it needs to be ensured that the changes that are considered are in line with users' needs and to a maximum extent will help to resolve problems currently encountered by users of business statistics, all the while improving the regulatory environment for data suppliers.

The objective of this consultation is first to collect the views of businesses on issues regarding the supply of data for compiling business statistics. Additionally, we are seeking inputs from the users of business statistics on how better to match the statistics produced with user needs.

How to submit your contribution

Please complete either the online questionnaire or download the word version and send it by 07 October 2014 to the following address:

All contributions will be published on the Internet. It is important to read the specific privacy statement attached to this consultation for information on how your personal data and contribution will be dealt with.

Consultation document

Before submitting your contribution, please read carefully the consultation paper which provides the necessary background information:



Word version to download:

Reference documents

Contact details

Responsible service:     EUROSTAT, Unit G1
Postal address     Business statistics - coordination and registers
European Commission
 L- 2929 Luxembourg

Number of responses received to this consultation

This information will be available after the closing of the consultation period.

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Results of consultation and next steps

The results can be found in the spreadsheets below. The individual replies of users and producers, who objected to publication of their contact details, are anonymized.

Individual replies from registered organisations

Individual replies from non-registered organisations