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  • Project
  • 23 Marec 2023

Early support ensures kids stay in school

Dropping out of school puts young people at high risk of social exclusion and unemployment, and students often learn the skills they need to stay in education during their childhood. With support from
  • Project
  • 14 Marec 2023

Creative work projects for unemployed young people

Breaking the cycle of unemployment can be very difficult for young, disadvantaged people on the verge of social exclusion. This is especially true when they lack the qualifications for the jobs that
  • Project
  • 9 Marec 2023

Finding French jobseekers careers they love

Labour markets have experienced rapid shifts in what employers are looking for in terms of education and experience. Jobseekers may find it difficult to find the right fit for their skills, background
  • Project
  • 1 Marec 2023

A fast track to employment for migrants and refugees

Migrant workers are often at a major disadvantage when looking for employment, having to contend with social exclusion, as well as linguistic and cultural barriers. With support from the EU Programme
  • Project
  • 23 Februar 2023

Farming students reap the rewards of collaboration

Young people who want to go into farming sometimes lack opportunities to gain a diploma, or to network and learn with others. On the island of Réunion, they were able to do both – thanks to a project