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Europees Sociaal Fonds Plus



  • Project
  • 2 February 2023

Strengthening digital skills among Danish SMEs

The pandemic has had a significant impact on Danish tourism. After confinement ended and restrictions eased, visitors returned – but in far fewer numbers, and with new habits, needs and expectations
  • Project
  • 31 January 2023

Regional Integration Accelerators

In many EU Member States, refugees and asylum seekers must navigate a maze of different services to receive language training or skills and employment advice, or have their qualifications recognised
  • Project
  • 26 January 2023

Encouraging young people to keep moving forward

Young people are often challenged most at the beginning of their working lives. Without direction or skills, finding purpose – or a career – can seem an insurmountable obstacle. Funded by the European
  • Project
  • 19 January 2023

A career reboot for unemployed Croatians

Being unemployed for a long time can be a confidence-shattering experience. Often, long-term unemployed individuals can feel powerless to find their way back into the labour market. One project
  • Project
  • 21 December 2022

A career in the kitchen

When Dovydas Zenkevičius contacted the Employment Service, an advisor put him in touch with ‘Enhancing the Social Competences of Young People’, a European Social Fund (ESF)-supported project that aims