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Europos socialinis fondas +
New ALMA initiative financed by ESF+
Social Innovation Match (SIM)
Find Europe's best social innovation projects and organisations!
ESF for recovery
REACT EU (2021-23) and ESF+ (2021-27) will support the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis
The European Pillar of Social Rights
Making social rights a reality through ESF+ funding
Fi-Compass advisory platform
for EU shared management financial instruments


Launch of Latvia’s Cohesion Programmes highlights benefits for people

Elisa Ferreira, European Commissioner for Cohesio and Reforms, visited Latvia on 2 February 2023. The mission offered the opportunity to highlight how previous funding has reached some of Latvia’s most vulnerable.

CARE for refugees from Ukraine in Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate

The visit of the College of Commissioners to Ukraine on 2 February 2023 shows the Commission stands by Ukraine, and will continue to offer support – including through EU cohesion funds.

Kas yra ESF+?

What is esf+ collage
„Europos socialinis fondas +“ (ESF+) yra pagrindinė Europos Sąjungos (ES) investavimo į žmones priemonė. Naudodamas beveik 99,3 mlrd. EUR 2021–2027 m. biudžetą, ESF+ ir toliau svariai prisidės prie ES užimtumo, socialinės, švietimo ir įgūdžių politikos, įskaitant struktūrines reformas šiose srityse.