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Project | 26 January 2022
In Denmark, adult students are receiving extra help at school via an European Social Fund project: An app that makes it possible to ask for help anonymously and digitally. The aim is that fewer people
Project | 18 January 2022
After finishing his basic education, Portuguese student Rúben Dhanaraju was disappointed by traditional options for continued learning finding they did not allow him to combine his education with
Project | 3 January 2022
Poland’s capital now has a unique restaurant which serves meals that embrace the sublime world of taste, touch and smell - in complete darkness. Its distinctiveness is also reflected in the name –
Project | 22 December 2021
A Portuguese radio station is providing essential language skills to children – and making connections with young Portuguese speakers across the globe. Launched in 2015 and based in Leina, Western
Project | 15 December 2021
Students who are socially excluded or otherwise vulnerable can find it difficult to engage with vocational training. The more social challenges students face, the more likely they are to consider
Project | 6 December 2021
When young inmates leave prison and return to society, it can be hard to reintegrate. That's why the Musical Artistic Society of Pousos, Portugal (SAMP), has designed a project that encourages
Project | 1 March 2021
Finnish universities are helping employees to improve wellbeing and productivity and to be COVID-19 resilient, by using neuroscience expertise to better understand and manage brain health at work