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Project | 3 October 2022
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine created the largest humanitarian crisis Europe has seen in decades, with millions of people fleeing to neighbouring countries and nearly 1.4 million registering to stay in
Project | 30 September 2022
The Russian invasion of Ukraine has wreaked havoc across the region. Livelihoods have been destroyed, causing many Ukrainians to leave their homeland to seek refuge in countries like Bulgaria
Project | 29 September 2022
There is a very real risk of being trapped in an endless cycle of reoffending for those persons who have just been released from prison, as they feel powerless and isolated from society. Estonia has
Project | 28 September 2022
With the ever-increasing cost of living, it can be hard for many people of all ages to buy the most basic necessities - such as food and clothing. This pressure is particularly intense among families
Project | 22 September 2022
Websites and information screens are everywhere - but how useful is digital media when your first language is sign language? For people like Anna, a 32-year-old deaf woman from Germany, the digital
Project | 16 September 2022
Despite efforts to ensure equality in the workplace, on average women in the EU are paid 14 % less than men per hour. In Austria, companies can now receive free consultancy to help them close the gap
Project | 9 September 2022
The beautiful countryside of Spain’s Castile and León region may seem like the perfect retirement spot. However, living in rural areas can isolate older citizens and people who require consistent