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European Social Fund Plus

Community of Practice: Social Inclusion

Stark divisions in our societies caused by social inequalities and cuts to services have been exacerbated in 2020 with the COVID-19 outbreak. The health crisis and its economic and social consequences will have a stronger impact on the most vulnerable – including individuals with poor health, without a home, migrants, low-income earners, and single-parent families. 

Through the ESF Transnational Cooperation Platform and its Community of Practice on Social Inclusion, managing authorities and stakeholders can exchange good practices in tackling inequalities and social exclusion. This community of practice addresses three sub-themes: child poverty, deinstitutionalisation, and homelessness.

Child poverty

This sub-theme focuses on using the ESF+ to provide equal opportunities by promoting access to – and completion of - quality, inclusive education starting from early childhood, including disadvantaged groups. The sub-theme looks at mapping good practices focussing on creating supportive environments, including for early childhood education and early support services.

Sub-theme publications: 


This sub-theme looks at supporting independent living of the most socially excluded and vulnerable. It reviews housing solutions that meet the needs of people who are severely excluded, highly isolated, and may encounter serious mental health problems.

Sub-theme publications: 

  • Recommendation paper on integrated support solutions including supported housing (Upcoming. 2022) 
  • Mini-toolkit on the training of personnel in relation to the use of the ESF to support independent living (Upcoming, 2022) 


This sub-theme focuses on people experiencing or at risk of - homelessness and housing exclusion. This includes people in inadequate and insecure housing, people with mental health problems at risk of becoming homeless, young people in precarious accommodation, migrants and marginalised ethnic minority experiencing housing exclusion. The sub-theme focuses on housing-led approaches and Housing First strategies, the latter being policies prioritising the provision of affordable and permanent housing to people experiencing homelessness, enabling them to live in their own home as part of a community, with a high degree of choice and control.

Sub-theme publications: 


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