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European Social Fund Plus

Community of Practice: Results-based Management

The overall objective of this community is to contribute to better use of ESF/ESF+ funding. This is done through promoting and facilitating the design and implementation of measures to simplify procedures and reduce administrative costs and burdens for ESF authorities and stakeholders.

The Community of Practice on Results-based Management focuses on the exchange of knowledge, experience, and practice exchanges at the European level. This community of practice addresses three sub-themes: Simplified Cost Options (SCO), results-based approaches, and simplification of ESF/ESF+.

Simplified Cost Options (SCOs)

This sub-theme builds on the work carried out by the Thematic Network on Simplification by mapping SCOs and exchanging good practices; supporting the process of designing EU-level SCOs; fostering the establishment of partnerships between managing and audit authorities.

Sub-theme publications:

Results-based approaches

This sub-theme contributes to identifying tried-and-tested approaches to support managing authorities in designing and implementing programmes where reimbursements are based on achievement of results or fulfilment of certain conditions. For instance, the community explores how to introduce "financing methods not linked to costs" (as described in Article 95 of the Common Provisions Regulation 2021-2027) as a way to balance programme flexibility with audit and control requirements, including the possibility to rely on existing domestic systems.

Exchanges among members of this community of practice should lead towards a common understanding, while providing practical examples and advocating for leaner procedures with financial authorities.

Sub-theme publications:

Simplification of ESF/ESF+

This sub-theme covers the simplification of the ESF/ESF+ management to reduce administrative costs and burden and shift the focus towards results. Simplifying the work of authorities and stakeholders requires proposals and solutions covering the entire life cycle of ESF/ESF+ programmes. The sub-theme assesses the transferability of solutions, taking into account aspects such as administrative cultures and customs; the trade-off between the potential reduction of administrative cost and burden; and the investment in terms of capacity building and technology required.

Sub-theme publications:

  • Simplification measures: selected case reports of ESF-funded practices (Upcoming, June 2022)


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