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Young media graduates get help for promising career start

Re:Act project participants working in recording studio
(c) 2022 Re:Act Project

A Helsinki ESF-funded project is helping university graduates in Helsinki on the journey to their first jobs.  Implemented through the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, ‘Re:act – Professional Networks for Youth’ works with employers in the industry and Helsinki employment services – aiming to provide under-30s with creative degrees a leg up. 

The programme allows participants to develop essential experience to enter creative fields, including building contacts and networking skills. Re:act accomplishes this through face-to-face interviews with potential employers, experience that is invaluable for learning how to navigate job interviews and work in social environments. The scheme also allows employers to meet new talent, fresh from graduation and looking to pursue their first steps into a career.

Work experience with potential employers is also part of the programme, with the understanding that young graduates still have much to learn to perfect their craft.  Project coordinator of the Re:act project, Aura Kaarivuo, stated the importance of first steps into a professional environment to building a successful career: ‘In addition to short-term jobs, permanent employment relationships have also been established. It’s important that young employees are given enough time in the workplace – no one is a professional when they start’.

To date, a total of 73 young people who needed help in the early stages of their careers have taken part in the project.  Re:act was recently celebrated by Katarina Ivanković-Knežević, directorfor Social Rights and Inclusion at the Directorate General for Employment, Social affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL), who visited the project. 

During the project, most of the participants have been employed in roles in their field.  Ossi Kallio, who graduated from Metropolia's degree programme in film and television in December 2021, has stated how important this experience was for being successful at other roles: ‘Once you get to show off your skills and positive attitude to the right people, they usually ask you for the next job. You get better and get more responsibility little by little’.

Project details

Project name
Motropolia University of Applied Sciences
Project start
Project end
Total budget
EUR 309 332
EU Budget contribution
EUR 115 999