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Mental health and addiction support for Greeks in crisis

Mental health and addiction support for Greeks in crisis
(c) Prevention Centre "PNOI”

People experiencing mental health and addiction issues can find it difficult to find help with their problems. With support from the European Social Fund (ESF), the ‘PNOI Prevention Centre’ project provides personalised care to Greek residents in distress.

Katerina was struggling with her mental health and becoming extremely anxious. ‘For a long time, during the pandemic I felt bad,’ she explains. ‘I had panic attacks many times. I was depressed.

She credits a friend with putting her in touch with the project team, who arranged access to the counselling and mental health support she urgently needed. Six months on, Katerina finally feels positive again.

I feel and sleep better, panic attacks are very rare, I think positively about myself, and I have started to put my life in order,’ she explains.

The project focuses extensively on providing support during mental health crises, and addiction relapse prevention. This involves, for example, providing information services on addiction issues, and educational programmes for parents on how to support children during drug and mental health crises. The project also arranges counselling to strengthen relationships within the family or friendship network.

The project has been a great success, having implemented 50 large-scale mental health and drug-abuse prevention interventions – which have helped more than 2 000 people.

Katerina attests to the project’s success, saying ‘I am thankful and recommended [the project] to everyone.

Project details

Project name
Centre for the prevention of addictions and the promotion of psychosocial health in Mytilene – ‘PNOI’
Prevention Centre "PNOI”
More than 2,000 people benefited indirectly and more than 20 people benefited directly
Project start
Project end
Internet and social
Contact details
Mr. Panayiotis Giannoglou, Project coordinator and Head Of Unit
0030 22513 52039

Mr. George Plakotaris , Head of Managing Authority
0030 22513 52010
Total budget
EUR 188 094
EU Budget contribution
European Social Fund – EUR 150 475