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European Social Fund Plus

Greek delicacies with a difference

Worker packaging gourment food
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Some new and innovative food products may surprise people who are used to more traditional Greek cuisine. The company Mediterranean Escargots, which processes snails, is one of the dynamic enterprises, which receive funding for boosting their business through the European Social Fund (ESF).

In fact, snails have been a Greek delicacy for many hundreds of years, and Mediterranean Escargots has specialised in breeding high-quality snails for consumption for decades. Now, funding from the EU has enabled the company to set up a new processing plant that will produce standard snail-based meals for an international market.

With more than 20 years of specialist experience in snail breeding under his belt, Mr Gkokas, founded Mediterranean Escargots to produce high-quality, snail food products. The recent EU investment, through the Action Start Up Entrepreneurship of the Operational Programme (EPAnEK), was crucial to equip the family building with all the necessary machinery, enabling Mediterranean Escargots to use the latest production methods.

New processing and preservation techniques allow the company to create packaged products that taste very similar to fresh. Consumers – of whom it is estimated 80% will be outside of Greece – will be able to trace the heritage of the products and take a journey through Greek culture with every bite.

Project details

Project name
Mediterranean Escargots / Hellenic snail processing company
One company
Project start
Project end
Internet and social
Contact details
Christine Stavrinadi
Information and Communication, Unit A1
OP Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPAnEK)

Total budget
EUR 60 000
EU Budget contribution
EUR 48 000