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European Social Fund Plus

Project introduces disabled children to world of discovery

VIDA! project with students
(c) 2021 VIDA!

VIDA! helped primary and secondary students to explore a range of educational topics while equipping teachers with new skills. It gave children with disabilities a chance to discover the fields of science and technology, leading them to more study and work opportunities in future. 

Supported by the European Social Fund, the project worked to ensure children had a positive attitude towards science and technology by drawing on knowledge and experience from various institutions. At the same time, participating schools and staff broadened their awareness about the educational needs of students. 

The programmes relied on the cooperation of schools, organisations, libraries, and museums. Formal and non-formal education supporting the development of pupils is delivered through the project, with 14 courses run by science centres. A range of teaching methods were used, involving games, discussions, workshops, and other activities.  

You will definitely not be bored. There are a lot of different activities,’ says teenage participant Adam Svoboda. ‘You gain new information and experience [and] learn how to work in the laboratory.’ 

Project details

Project name
Moravian Science Centre Brno
30 school classes
Project start
Project end
Total budget
EUR 616 906
EU Budget contribution
ESF funding via Operational Programme Research, Development and Education (OP RDE): EUR 484 798