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Project | 1 March 2021
Finnish universities are helping employees to improve wellbeing and productivity and to be COVID-19 resilient, by using neuroscience expertise to better understand and manage brain health at work
Project | 1 March 2021
A project called MIOS (Mental Wellbeing and Inclusion in Multicultural Finland) is helping people who have recently migrated to the country to improve their mental wellbeing. Good mental wellbeing
Project | 11 February 2021
As more and more companies move online because of COVID-19, the Digital Steps project in South-Eastern Finland is showing SMEs how to improve their digital skills to boost their business. Thousands of
Project | 11 February 2021
Finland’s FOCUS project offers a framework and digital app to help businesses manage staff wellbeing, and its innovative crisis management tools are helping companies respond to COVID-19. In recent
Project | 10 February 2021
Italy’s PIN (Pugliesi Innovativi) project is supporting groups of 18-to-35-year-olds, who have an idea relating to cultural, technological or social innovation, to create exciting business models. In
Project | 4 February 2021
A Finnish project, designed to develop remote working skills in leadership, supervision, peer support and change management in the health and social care sector, is proving very timely during COVID-19
Project | 21 January 2021
Thanks to a project from Latvia's State Education Development Agency, tens of thousands have been able to take up professional training. What do a locksmith, a head of sales and marketing and an