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News | 13 December 2021

Societies are the product of people, and are at their best when the people who live in them work together for the common good.  A healthy society can be seen when  a private enterprise funds a

News | 6 December 2021

The partnership principle is part of the shared management of the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+).  This principle is active between the European Commission and Member States, at all levels of their

News | 6 December 2021

Much-needed healthy, affordable food for disadvantaged people.  A lifeline for special needs students to attend mainstream classes.  Support for social housing users to find their way back to the

News | 24 November 2021

It happens every day, to thousands across the EU.  Hurt and alone, women, men and – and all too often children – are left with nowhere to go.  Individuals fleeing an abusive relationship, trafficked