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Bulding a new life for young offenders

(c) Postis Association
(c) Postis Association

After serving a prison sentence, returning to normal life can be incredibly challenging.  

The Postis Association, supported by the European Social Fund, helps those that have left penal institutions and remand centres to re-build their life outside these facilities. It focuses on finding work for young former prisoners to help young people find their feet and prepare them for their future.

I'm learning distance and patience. I see that I don't have to have everything, that I'm not the centre of the world. I have to fight for what I want. I think I have learned that here. We'll see if I can implement it into life when I get back home,’ explained Milena, a project participant.

The re-socialisation project seeks to assist former prisoners, designed in collaboration with the Prison Service in Poland. It starts by preparing inmates in penal institutions or remand prisons to participate in the project. Once they are ready, a mentor accompanies them on a long walk, covering up to 900 km. They then undergo training to gain professional qualifications that will help them to gain employment when they start searching for a job. 

After taking part in the project, Patryk secured a job and hasn’t looked back. ‘Thanks to the project, I found an apartment and I work in a steam car wash […] I don't feel like going back to my old life anymore. I like it the way it is.’ 

Participants need to be under 29 years of age, to have completed their first sentence and to be promising in terms of rehabilitation. The project is nationwide and inmates from penitentiaries all over Poland can apply.  

During the three editions of the project, which ran from May 2012 to June 2022, 68 former inmates from penitentiary units in Poland participated in the project.  Many went on to find employment. 

Project details

Project name
A new way - support for young people leaving penal institutions or remand centers (three editions)
Postis Association
136 (68 expeditions)
Project start
Project end
Internet and social
Contact details
Jan Borowiec
Total budget
EUR 796 470
EU Budget contribution
EUR 708 617