Visit the European Commission - External Cooperation INFOPOINT

Visit the European Commission - External Cooperation INFOPOINT

Interested in the European Commission's external cooperation, we can organise a visit for you. A visit consists of a presentation on one or several subjects related to external cooperation delivered by European Commission's staff. Presentations are held mainly in English and French, but can also be held in other EU languages. Duration of the visits varied between 45 minutes and 3 hours.


Everyone who would like to know more about the European Commission's external cooperation is welcome! Groups should count at least 10 people. Most regular visitors are universities or high-school students, company representatives and NGOs, as well as groups of officials and regional representatives from partner countries.


As the visit/information session is tailored to your group's needs, please send a request at least one month in advance, with the following info:

  • The topic you would like to have presented during the visit
  • The preferred date, time and duration of your visit
  • Preferred language of presentation
  • Characteristics of the group: number of participants, their previous knowledge about the subject and any other detail that might seem relevant to make your visit more interesting. You can expect our official confirmation within 15 working days.

Please do not share personal data of participants to the group visit in your request. If you decide to do so you undertake to inform them thereof and to communicate the privacy statement to them.


Since the opening of the InfoPoint in 2006, around 700 groups participated in an organised visit at the Info Point.



Examples of presentation topics: *General presentation on EuropeAid and EU Development Policies ; *EU Policies in specific thematic related to development and cooperation ; *EU relations with specific regions and countries… Of course, any other topic related the European Commission's external cooperation is open to request.