SOCIEUX+ - Work with us

SOCIEUX+ - Work with us

SOCIEUX+ welcomes experts and their home institutions’ to join us in our effort to strengthen institutional capacities and policies in social protection, employment and labour.

We aim at mobilising expertise from and promoting collaboration with public administrations and mandated bodies of EU Member States. In the framework of our triangular cooperation actions, we also seek collaboration with institutions of EU Partner Countries to spread regional best practices and expertise.

The experts mobilised by SOCIEUX+ are given the opportunity to acquire valuable experience and personal development by working on all steps of our technical assistance actions from the preparation of missions, the interaction with partner institutions, the delivery of outputs and follow-up of activities’ results.

EU Member States public administrations or mandated bodies may join our efforts  to support our partners by becoming collaborative institutions of SOCIEUX+.

Interested individual experts, public or private, from EU Member States or partner countries are invited to directly register on-line: SOCIEUX+ Expert roster

Opportunities to participate in SOCIEUX+ activities and missions are regularly published on the web-site of SOCIEUX+

SOCIEUX+ Call for Experts