SOCIEUX+ - Apply for support

SOCIEUX+ - Apply for support

SOCIEUX+ encourages requests for technical assistance from public authorities, mandated bodies and social partners at national, regional and local level in partner countries. International organisations can also support partner institutions in requesting technical assistance from SOCIEUX+, and collaborate in the implementation of actions.

SOCIEUX+ partner institutions are eligible from over 145 EU countries in:

  • European Union Neighbourhood.

  • Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

  • Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

How to access SOCIEUX+ technical assistance?

  1. Download and fill in the Request Form.

  2. Attach relevant supporting documents and information.

  3. Send it by mail or email.

The requesting process can also be completed on-line through the following link:

Request SOCIEUX+ technical assistance

For partner institutions submitting requests with the support of international organisations, the contact details of the organisation and its potential contributions to the implementation of the requested support is important for the consideration of SOCIEUX+ response.