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  1. One year of EU partnership with IOM: migrants protection and reintegration in Africa - 15/12/2017

    The EU and the UN Migration Agency, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), launched one year ago a joint initiative for migrant protection and reintegration. The objective was clear: to respond to the urgent protection needs and unacceptable ...

  2. New phase of cooperation between the EU and Afghanistan - 15/12/2017

    From 1 Dec. 2017 the Cooperation Agreement on Partnership and Development between the EU and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will provisionally apply. It is the first ever legally-binding framework for EU-Afghanistan relations. Photo / Image:  Link (u ...

  3. Programmes - 15/12/2017

    With the aim of enabling the OCTs to take a full part in the implementation of the EU-OCT Association, a broad-based dialogue is organised by the Commission to enable the EU, all the OCTs and the Member States to which they are linked to consult each othe ...

    OCT-EU Forum, Overseas Countries and Territories, OCTs

  4. OCT-EU association - 15/12/2017

    Specific characteristics of the OCTs There are significant differences between the OCTs themselves in terms of the degree of autonomy vis-à-vis the Member States to which they are linked, their economic and social development as well as their particular g ...

    Overseas Countries and Territories, OCTs, Pacific, Caribbean

  5. 2017 Annual Action Programme in favour of Saint Lucia - 15/12/2017

    Annex: Technical Cooperation Facility and Support to the National Authorising Officer and the Non-State Actors Advisory Panel