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  1. Food and nutrition security- nutrition - 21/09/2017

    framework, the EU is also working to develop an accountability framework to monitor commitments and impact ...

    food and nutrition security, policy, nutrition

  2. EC Stunting tracking methodology - 20/09/2017

    The European Commission’s Methodology on monitoring stunting reduction at country level and assessing progress towards national and international targets.
  3. Know Your City - 19/09/2017

    governance and the way in which national development can be monitored and reviewed.   ...

  4. Food Security Portal Phase II - 14/09/2017

    information monitoring and analysis systems; and the role of partnerships in the achievement of impact through ...

    resilience, food security, information portal, crisis response

  5. Resilience building and Humanitarian-Development Nexus - 14/09/2017

    shocks, to adapt and to transform) A more dynamic monitoring by the EU of external pressures to allow ... joint humanitarian-development approaches and collaborative implementation, monitoring and progress ...

    relief, rehabilitation, Fragility and crisis management, resilience in practice

  6. Conflict, Crisis and Security-Development nexus - 14/09/2017

    Action Plan 2016-2017) and their implementation is continuously monitored by the European External Action ...

    Fragility and crisis management

  7. Budget support and dialogue with partner countries - 12/09/2017

    and risk responses; inform budget support dialogue; monitor the identified risks and mitigating ...

    budget support, partner countries, dialogue

  8. Decentralised Cooperation Programme (DCP) - 07/09/2017

    implementation and monitoring of poverty alleviation projects To foster a more coherent and informed approach to ... Government Organisations/CBOs to monitor project implementation is adequately improved through the setting up ... of an appropriate monitoring and evaluation system that is participative and oriented to learning ...

    Mauritius, civil society, decentralised cooperation, women empowerment

  9. Technical Assistance to the Accompanying Measures for Sugar Protocol Countries: 2011-2013- Mozambique - 16/08/2017

    The technical assistance will assist the GON, the EU delegation and CEPAGRI in the monitoring of ... including the provision of: 1) Technical expertise in the areas of monitoring, evolution and reporting on ... additional tasks relating to planning, monitoring, reporting on programme components, procurement, and ...

    sugar, Mozambique

  10. Human rights mechanisms and instruments - 03/08/2017

    international, regional and national human rights framework. Through their monitoring, reporting, complaints ... a role to play in the implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals. The EU ...

    human rights mechanisms, human rights instruments, human rights, human rights institutions