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  1. Supporting readmission of migrants in the Russian Federation - 22/05/2014

    Refine mechanisms of readmission agreements implementation, both for Russian nationals' and third country nationals' related parts.

    EU neighbourhood & Russia, migration, human rights

  2. Breaking the silence on girls' and women's rights in Sierra Leone - 23/06/2014

    Breaking the silence on girls' and women's rights in Sierra Leone

    Democracy and Human Rights, Sierra Leone, civil society, gender equality

  3. Half a million Ukrainians make a stand against violence - 27/06/2014

    EU supported the national information campaign calling for Ukrainians to jointly say no to violence

    Ukraine, gender equality, Democracy and Human Rights, EU neighbourhood & Russia

  4. SECRET- Social-Economic and Cultural Rights of Prisoners and Ex-prisoners in Tajikistan - 07/01/2015

    The purpose of the project is to provide vocational training, civic education and personal development tools for female prisoners and staff as well as legal and psychological support to ex-prisoners.

    Economic and social rights, Employment social inclusion & social protection, Vocational Training, Tajikistan.

  5. Promoting and protecting rights of deafblind people in India - 19/05/2015

    To strengthen capacities of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and the Government of India including state governments and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) in promoting and protecting human rights.

    India, deafblind people, deafblind children

  6. Pathways to Participation: an integrated media project supporting Afghan women’s participation in public life - 09/06/2015

    This is a 2-year media project supporting Afghan women. The overall objective is to create an enabling environment for Afghan women to participate in public life.

    Afghanistan, civil society, Media, Women's Rights

  7. Promoting Equity and Legal Identity for Children in Yemen by Improving Civil Registration - 23/06/2015

    The project aims to provide equitable and sustainable access for the most vulnerable boys and girls to protection services, particularly to birth registration.

    children, birth registration, Yemen

  8. Las Manos de Ignacio - 15/07/2015