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  1. Félou Hydropower - 18/12/2014

    The project concerns the construction and operation of a run-of-the-river hydropower plant at the Félou falls in Mali. The project is implemented within the framework of the development of the hydropower potential of the states of the OMVS, grouping Mali, ...

    Félou, Hydropower

  2. East African Submarine Cable System (EASSy) - 18/12/2014

    The East African Submarine Cable System (EASSy) project consists of a 10 000 km fibre optic submarine cable along the East African coast, linking Sudan to South Africa with landing points in these countries as well as in Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania ...

    African, Submarine Cable, EASSy

  3. CLSG Power Interconnector - 18/12/2014

    The CLSG Interconnector project involves constructing a 1 357 km transmission line allowing power exports initially from Cote d'Ivoire to Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. The interconnector aims to create incentives to explore the hydropower potent ...

    CLSG, Power, Interconnector

  4. Ethiopia-Kenya Interconnector - 18/12/2014

    The implementation of the planned interconnection between the Ethiopia and Kenya will enable these two countries to benefit from the respective advantages of their own power systems, which have strong complementarities: the bulk of Kenya's generation ...

    Ethiopia-Kenya, Interconnector

  5. Beira Corridor - 18/12/2014

    The aim of the Beira project is the rehabilitation of the transport infrastructure of the Beira corridor in Mozambique, including the rehabilitation of the Sena railway line and the restoration of the Beira port access channel to its original specificatio ...

    Beira, Corridor

  6. Caprivi Interconnector - 18/12/2014

    The Caprivi project consisted of the construction of a 200 MW (designed to be upgradeable to 600 MW) High Voltage Direct Current transmission connection from Zambia to the Namibian electricity network, interconnecting the Northern and Western parts of the ...

    Caprivi, Interconnector

  7. Gouina Hydro Power Project (GHPP) - 18/12/2014

    The Gouina Hydropower Project (GHPP) is a trans-boundary initiative by the Senegal River Basin Organisation (OMVS) which aims to provide renewable energy to the four OMVS member states Mali, Mauritania, Senegal and Guinea. The 140-MW hydropower plant, loc ...

    Gouina, Hydro, Power, GHPP

  8. Ruzizi Hydropower Plant - 18/12/2014

    The project consists of the construction of a 147 MW Hydropower Plant on the Ruzizi river bordering DRC and Rwanda. It will be developed as a Public Private Partnership, through a concession provided to a private investor to develop, build, operate, and m ...

    EU; blending; ITF; Ruzizi; Hydropower

  9. Benin- Togo Power Rehabilitation - 18/12/2014

    The Project aims at reinforcing and rehabilitating the electricity transmission networks of Togo and Benin. It involves wider transmission network reinforcements and therefore will deliver overall country benefits that do not target a specific group of be ...

    BenTogo, Power

  10. Expansion of Port of Walvis Bay - 18/12/2014

    The purpose of the project is to double the existing design capacity of the port of Walvis Bay to 500,000 Twenty-foot Equivalent Units annual handling capacity by expanding the quay wall size, dredging the approach channel and upgrading the handling equip ...

    Expansion, Port Walvis Bay