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  1. Evaluation of the EU Regional strategy in West Africa (1996-2006) - 01/05/2008

     Evaluation of the EU Regional strategy in West Africa (1996-2006)- Cette évaluation prend en compte l’insertion des stratégies régionales de la CE dans la politique générale de la CE pour la coopération régionale. - 2008 - Rapport principal - Ref. 1253.
  2. Strategic evaluation of EU support for statistics in third countries (1996-2005) - 01/02/2007

    Evaluation of EC support for Statistics in Third Countries - This evaluation covers the EC’s actions in the field of ongoing and completed SPPs since 1996; it also covers those budgetary aid programmes in which a statistical component was included. The geographical areas concerned are the ACP, MEDA, ALA and TACIS regions. - 2007 - Main report - Ref. 1059.