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  1. Empowerment of Non State Actors in Botswana - 27/07/2017

    The empowerment of Non State Actors programme intends to enhance the role of Non State Actors in the development process of Botswana and enable NSA to contribute more effectively to the achievement of national development goals. The key objectives of the ...

    Botswana, civil society, NSA

  2. Investing in Maasai women for improving rural community well being - 20/07/2017

    The overall objective is to contribute to reducing poverty and improving livelihoods of vulnerable rural Maasai communities in Arusha region Benefitting zone:  Tanzania ...

    capacity building, empowering women, savings, education and vocational training

  3. Promoting and protecting older women's rights in Tanzania - 20/07/2017

    The project involves a wide range of activities, as indicated here: Sensitise communities on the rights of older women and their protection from violence using culturally appropriate ways (such as theatre) Train community, traditional, elected leaders and ...

    Elimination of violence against women, #4womensrights, human rights, Community

  4. Returning PATH: Promoting Access To Human rights for vulnerable woman and men - 05/07/2017

    Project aims at protection and promotion of social, economic and cultural rights of vulnerable groups of both genders. Specific objective is ti enhance the delivery of effective and qualitative social services to vulnerable groups of population through es ...

    HIV/AIDS, human rights, prisoners, social support

  5. Enhancing the capacity of non state actors to improve the well-being of disadvantaged groups in Thanh Hoa Province - 30/06/2017

    The overall objective of the action is to enhance the capacity of non state actors (NSA) to improve the well-being of disadvantaged groups in Thanh Hoa Province. The specific objective of this action is to establish and strengthen the capacity of 80 civil ...

    Vietnam, women empowerment, civil society, social inclusion and social protection

  6. Pro-Resilience Action (PRO-ACT): Supporting the poor and food and nutrition insecure to react to crises and strengthen resilience in Liberia - 13/06/2017

    This project will revitalize and build resilience of food systems in rural areas which have been hard hit by the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) crisis and ensuing failure of markets for crop produce and inputs. As such, the overall objective of the project is ...

    Liberia, food & nutrition security, fighting poverty

  7. Revival of the border communities; Ensuring psycho-social and economic support for communities affected by Ebola in Nimba, Lofa, Maryland and River Gee Counties - 12/06/2017

    To support community socio-economic resilience through a cross-border economic recovery in the border communities of Nimba, Lofa, Maryland and River Gee counties after the Ebola Virus Disease Epidemic. Sector:  Multisector aid for basic social services Do ...

    Liberia, Ebola epidemic, psychological support, welfare

  8. Social Cash Transfer Programme for Food Insecure Households - 12/06/2017

    5 000 labour-constrained, ultra poor households in Bomi County and other food insecure areas to be determined by the programme scoping exercise and relevant data from the Comprehensive Food Security and Nutrition Survey (CFSNS). Sector:  Sectors not speci ...

    Liberia, fight against poverty, social transfer, food security

  9. Reinsert: Local integration for drug user social reintegration - 01/06/2017

    The overall objective of the project is to support actions that facilitate a structured dialogue between local authorities and civil society, contributing to the prevention of drug use and the socio-economic reintegration of chemical dependents in situati ...

    usuários de drogas, inclusão socioeconômica, reinserção de usuários de drogas

  10. Cooperárvore and the women of Jardim Teresópolis: promotion of peace and feminine protagonism - 01/06/2017

    The objective of the project is to promote economic inclusion and greater family and social integration of women in situation of social vulnerability of the Jardim Teresópolis neighborhood. This is done through the participation of these women in the Soci ...

    empoderamento feminino, violência contra mulheres, inclusão socieconômica